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FIN SPIN EXACT6 125m / zöld

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5.475 Ft

Külső raktár : A termék elérhetősége külső raktárról biztosított, 2-5 nap.

mennyiség :

Méret : 0,08mm 5,6kg

Rövid leírás

FIN SPIN EXACT6 125m / zöld 0,08mm 5,6kg

Részletes leírás

EXACT SIX is a remarkable braided line which is designed for spinning. It is special due to the system of weaving and special surface treatment. It was definitely designed for spinning „manics“ who use braided lines daily from autumn until late winter. This braided line is weaved from six microfibres which are made from pure Dyneema? fibre. The system of micro weaving created very thick strings which provides very high linear and knot strenght. Surface treatment was created by a layer of Polysixan which creates vibrant and elastic surface that does not lose its stretch even in very low temperatures. Sealling the surface by polysiloxan guarantees non-absorbity of braided line as well as it protects it from dirt. It is resistant to salt water and UV rays. Dyneema® is registered brand of Royal DSM N.V